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We are the industry leading drywall contractor in the greater Columbus area. Our years of experience and qualifications have led us to provide unmatched service that provides a special focus on customer service and outstanding results for our clients. Our specialty is perfecting the walls of your home or property. We have been able to facilitate the needs of our customers by providing a seamless service that provides custom plans for all our customers in the Columbus area.  Our technicians have years of experience with techniques and tools that provide you with a superior result.  We continue to improve and learn so you always benefit from the latest knowledge of the newest materials and product solutions.  That means our techs are equally versed in old schools techniques and the the latest and greatest materials available today.  There are many different products available in the market today that provide unique benefits and allow specialty applications, such as acoustic drywall and various moisture-resistant panels.  Our technicians can evaluate your property and tell you what kind of benefits you could get from various specialty products or improvements.  We are the drywall contractor to call if you have any drywall service needs!

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About Us

We are the industry leading drywall service provider in Columbus, Georgia. Our years of experience and qualifications have led us to provide unmatched service that provides a special focus on customer service and outstanding results for our clients. We specialize in ways to build or repair walls within a space, residential, public or commercial. We have been able to provide superior solutions for customers for years by coming up with affordable, efficient plans to accommodate their needs.


All of our services and expert technicians are fully equipment and trained to adhere to all customer concerns to maximize value and minimize hassle and stress. The services we currently offer include but are not limited to: Drywall Framing, Drywall Installation, Drywall Repair, Drywall Finishing, Drywall Texturing, Popcorn Ceiling Removal, and specialty drywall products like Acoustical Drywall. All of these services and categories of specialization can further be customized to structure an appropriate solution for each individual customer no matter your needs.


Drywall Framing

Should you enlist the services of an inexperienced or improperly qualified drywall framer, your walls are likely to result in cracked drywall or poor joints between new walls and existing walls. The members and technicians we work with are constantly undertaking new training courses and practicing the latest techniques on a variety of surfaces to ensure they understand the very best ways to give you the best quality possible. We can work with lathe and plaster walls as well to match whatever walls you already have in your property.  Before you get framing done in your home, make sure you enlist the services of a trusted and proven local professional.


Drywall Installation

Drywall installation is something we excel at, so whether you need to replace damaged drywall or finish a basement, we are the team to call. We have a local warehouse where we collect all types of drywall to make sure we've got what you need when you call. Furthermore, our technicians consist of highly qualified professionals who have acquired years of tried and tested field experience installing drywall so we know how to reduce waste and maximize our time and effort so you get a job done quickly and  affordably and end up with a perfect result.

Drywall Repair

While drywall is fairly sturdy, accidents do occur, and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed.  We can repair a surface and make it stranger than it was before it was damaged.  We will inspect your damage and recommend the best way to repair it, whether it's physical damage or water damage. We are with you throughout the entire process to support you and ensure you find a solution that works for you. Give our team a call today and let us see what we can do for you. We can often assist customers over the phone should the problem be identified as minor so they can attempt to perform their own repair if they wish to do so.


Drywall Finishing / Texturing

Drywall finishing is the hardest part of any drywall job, and the part of drywall work that takes the most skill and experience to get it right.  No matter how well drywall is installed or repaired, drywall finishing is what people see, so the drywall finish makes all the difference in looking like a job well done or an eyesore.  Even many people who install their own drywall often call in a contractor to handle the finish work.  We have years of experience and it shows when our work is complete and the result is a perfect seamless surface that is ready to paint.  We can apply a variety of textures as well to give you a unique look or to hide imperfections on a surface that was previously improperly finished.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal is one of the messiest drywall jobs there are.  Many people underestimate the dust and effort involved in removing a popcorn ceiling.  Our team knows how to do it efficiently and a cleanly as possible.  We know how to manage the dust and debris so it doesn't get into your air and into your vents so you don't have to breathe it.  We can cleanly remove all your popcorn ceilings and finish it off to leave you with a clean, modern ceiling!


Acoustic Drywall

Part of our team's deep, industry leading expertise regarding specialty drywall systems enables us to provide custom solutions for your space. We know how to work with many different types of drywall products to solve whatever needs you have, such as moisture-resistant drywall or sound-deadening walls.  We have experience installing multiple types of acoustic drywall to reduce or eliminate sound from neighbors, noisy roommates, or that band in the garage.  Give us a call and we'll come up with a solution to solve your noise or moisture problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How much does drywall repair cost?

The cost can vary depending on the overall size and complexity of the job, as well as whatever materials are required. A small 2" square repair might cost under $100, but a large water-damaged ceiling repair might cost over $1000. Repairing a whole room that was water-damaged could cost over $3000. Water damage repair can be more expensive than other types if it's been left too long as mold can grow on the backside of any drywall that's had moisture behind it for a while. That's why it's best to repair water damage as soon as possible, before it affects your air quality and your health.

2.   Can you do your own drywall work?

Yes you can, but experience makes all the difference when it comes to the finished quality of drywall work. An inexperienced drywall technician will waste more material and probably end up with a weaker surface strength since they don't know the proper ways to brace and lay the drywall. Additionally, drywall finishing is more art than science and can take years to master. Unfortunately, a bad drywall finish job makes the whole job look bad, so most people find a good dryall contractor to do their drywall work. That way you end up with a good durable result that looks like it's just a seamless part of the building instead of an eyesore that can cost you more down the road.

3.   What makes us the best drywall contractor in Columbus?

Several things: Experience, approach, attitude, materials. To begin with, we have decades of experience working with all kinds of drywall, including specialty drywalls like acoustic or soundproof drywall, so we know which one to use where and how to use it efficiently to maximize the finished strength of walls and ceilings. Next, we listen to exactly what you want, then walk you through what we're going to do so everyone's clear and we make sure you're getting exactly what you want. Also, we refuse to cut corners or do any work for a customer that we wouldn't do in our own homes. We have extremely high standards, and we do the job right, every time. Finally, we only use quality materials so you end up with a durable, long-lasting finished product that will look good for many years. When the job's done, we make sure you're completely satisfied and the results meet all your goals.

What Our Customers Say About Us


Impressive Quality

I needed a whole wall replaced due to some water damage from a leak during a storm when our roof got damaged.  I was very impressed with the service they provided to me and my family. The new wall is perfect, and they got the job done on time and even ended up being cheaper than their estimate!

Samuel M.


Very Professional

My wall looks good as new!  I would highly recommend their services to any friends or family members. They were very professional and courteous, and they're very good at what they do.

Arthur D.


Highly Recommended

We had very loud neighbors move in and needed to find a way to get some peace and quiet.  Columbus Drywall Pros came to the rescue with some great acoustic drywall, so now I sleep like a baby again!  I definitely recommend them.

Tom F.

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Our team of expert technicians is the leading service provider of all things drywall related in the Columbus area. Whether your property is commercial, residential, or industrial, we provide the best service at the most affordable rates in town.  Our client and customer portfolio is well balanced which includes home owners, property managers, landlords, business owners, and public servicemen.  When you need a drywall company that will get the job done right, the first time, we're here for you.